Washington Times: Texas County Challenges DHS With Ban on Transporting Migrants Who Lack Negative COVID-19 Test


A Texas county declared a state of disaster Monday over illegal immigrants and COVID-19 exposure and adopted a policy barring them from being transported into or through the jurisdiction until they’ve gotten a new test showing they’re free of the coronavirus.

Kinney County, which includes a sliver of the Mexican border along the Rio Grande but serves as a key transit route for migrants being taken to San Antonio, said it has determined unvaccinated and untested illegal immigrants are a real threat to public health. The county said it doesn’t have the facilities to handle a major outbreak.

Under the policy, law enforcement officers are ordered to stop and inspect vehicles believed to be carrying illegal immigrants. Any occupant who cannot show a negative COVID test form within the last 72 hours will be ushered back outside the county’s borders.

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