Townhall: Youngkin: Virginia Kids Need to Be in Classrooms With No Masks


The covid-19 pandemic has been a clarifying era in modern American politics. We have learned the absolute power Democrat governors will seize and wield against us if given the opportunity.

In California, even the ultra-radical 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found Democrat Gavin Newsom had gone to far and acted unconstitutionally by shutting down private schools in the name of the public health emergency he declared and keeps declaring on a daily basis almost a year and a half later.

For that and many other examples of incompetence, belligerence, and outright corruption, Newsom is facing an existential threat to his once-promising political career with a recall effort and special election scheduled for September.

Over in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the people didn’t need to circulate thousands of petitions demanding the recall of their ineffective governor, Ralph Northam, his one term expires at the end of this year.

As a result of that state’s quirky one-term mandate and their off-year election schedule, Virginia is in the middle of a full-blown gubernatorial election and this November, the people will decide between returning former governor, Democrat-operator and Clinton bag man Terry McAuliffe and political newcomer, billionaire Glenn Youngkin.

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