Three Steps Everyone Can Take To Restore Freedom to America

The challenges citizens face today in the battle to restore liberty and individual freedom in America seem daunting. But instead of focusing on the massive size of the problems we confront, there are simple steps that every person in America has the power to perform – steps that have real and lasting impact. To quote our enemy, a journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step. Here are the steps each of us can take to start on the trek back to a free, sovereign America

1. Local Action – National Impact: Become a Precinct Committeeman or join the County Executive Committee of the Republican Party in your area.

The GOP is essentially an empty shell. Thousands of positions are vacant and can be yours by simply volunteering. So why assume these positions? Because in some areas, the precinct committee positions elect the county leadership. In other areas, county Executive Committees have vacancies that can be filled through a membership process.
This is important because these county positions elect the state committee and leaders. And they are the people who can impact the national committee.
So, if you want to rid the Republican Party of the gaggle of so-called “consultants” and other bottom-feeders, we cannot expect Washington to do it. We have to do it and that means electing enough people to the National GOP Committee that will force change. It all starts at the lowest level. Go <here> for a video and material on how to accomplish this.
But sign-up for a local committee position. Find other Patriots and agree with our goals and get them to do the same. And, when there are a majority of the local committee that are Patriots, take control. Then, move up the line.
It is happening. There are examples of the establishment, surrender-GOP types walking away after the November, 2020 vote. In many cases they will not put up a fight – they long ago lost the will and ability to fight back. So, take control away from them and join with others who agree with the goals.

2. Regularly attend your local School Board meetings. Monitor and resist.

School Boards across America are imposing radical, Marxist, racist course studies on our children from the very youngest all the way through the system. It has gotten so radical that there literally are moves to move to “equity math” that denies that 2=2=4!!
Citizens are proving that these dangerous and insane attempts at mind-control of our children can be stopped. Attend your local school board meetings. Post online what you hear. Ask questions, demand answers and refuse to be intimidated by the educrats and their stooges in the teachers’ unions. Demand that all forms of the vile Critical Race Theory be removed from your schools. Demand that scientific biological gender be the norm and not to concede to the so-called “transgender” lobby to place our daughters in jeopardy. Demand that teachers who refuse to abide by such prohibitions be terminated for cause. And expose the worst offenders and schools on a website or message group for your community.
And finally, know when these school board members must stand for election. Most school board elections are low-turnout affairs. The radicals and the teachers’ union count on that – the lower the turnout the greater their share of the voting public. But remember South Lakes, Texas! Turnout was three times normal and every single offending local official was thrown out of office – every single one. You can do that too!

For a complete guide to locating local school board candidates, click here.

3. Learn About and Engage in Local Elections.

Most of us know where the candidates for national office stand. And, many people are well aware of candidates for statewide office like Governor or Attorney General. But below those levels, there is widespread apathy and simple ignorance of the offices, their powers and the electoral process.
But the reality is that the people who occupy county offices, local Sheriffs, state legislator and even city or town councilmen and mayors have inordinate power over our lives. Control of these lower offices – right-thinking citizens who are unafraid to stand up for the principles of liberty – is more important than who sits in Congress.
Learn all about the local offices in your area. Municipal and County governments must post meeting agendas and minutes on their government websites. Read what ordinances they pass, development deals they approve, and other actions they take that impact your daily life.
Know when the elections are held for those offices – very often they hold the vote for these positions at odd times to lower the voter turnout. And know who is running. And, if local officials do not have opponents, if they are simply allowed to continue in positions of authority without being contested, find a candidate. Or, run for office! Expanding the network of freedom loving citizens in town, and counties and school boards expands the agenda of the America First program.

For a complete guide on your state election laws, click here.

Some final thoughts

• Nobody will do any of this for us! The battle to restore liberty in America depends on you and others like you in communities throughout the United States.

• There is no act that is too small or too insignificant – we are 75 million + citizens who have the power to stop the insidious infection of socialism and authoritarianism. But each of us must do what we can. The combination of these efforts will, in the end, be overwhelming

• Our enemies want to isolate us, keep us apart from others who think as we do. Reject their efforts. Meet with others. Work together. Refuse the radicals’ poison of lies and distractions. FIND EACH OTHER. ORGANZIE. EXPAND THE REACH.

• Keep your eye on the ball. Those who wish to stop us – including many inside the Republican Party – will provoke needless fights or conflicts, engage in endless attempts to “wait us out.” Don’t bother with them. As a wise leader once advised, “Don’t stop to kick every barking dog.” Stay focused on the prize – the restoration of liberty in America.