All across America, Patriots are working to build in order to protect themselves, their families and communities from the excesses of an over-reaching government. There is no one solution. One size does not fit all situations. To help, the Alliance will collect and assemble on this page the best thoughts and experiences to serve as a resource bank for those looking to counter the government edicts. Please send any similar experiences or thoughts to us and we will include them here. Send to [email protected].

How the Left Uses Successful Political Activism

This post features two articles written by David Hines and originally featured at The American Conservative on November 3, 2021 and November 24, 2021. It's no secret that Righties kind of suck at protests. Like anybody else who sucks at something, we have excuses. “We...

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Finding School Board Candidates

For a downloadable and shareable PDF of this information, click here. School Board Candidate Profile Voters who show up to school board elections do so because they have an interest in their local schools. Usually, that means they have school-aged children. Having...

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