Reviving the GOP

How to access the Priority for Reinvigoration

There are literally thousands of GOP official units throughout America. While Patriots want to exert influence on the Party structure and move the entire entity toward an America First agenda, there is a real need to know what to look for in deciding where to focus. Here are things to look for.

1. Does the Party currently recruit candidates for all available offices? If not, they are failing

2. Are all precinct committee slots filled? If not, that is a core function the Party leadership is failing to perform.

3. Do existing precinct committeemen make it a point to know their area of jurisdiction, meet all Republicans and engage in outreach events to bring in more people? Unlikely. This type of basic work has not been done for a very long time. It is the core of building a reliable vote total.

4. When there are candidates for local office, does the party provide support services? Or, are the candidates left to their own devices or even charged for basic commodities? The party should be a source of material support to candidates. If it isn’t, wholesale change in leadership is needed.

5. Regardless of the level, is the party leadership totally transparent on financial dealings? Is there a strict conflict of interest policy and prohibition against self-dealing? If not, a complete overhaul is required.

6. Finally, does the party have a clear set of guiding principles; or, do they follow the approach of trying to be all things to all people. If they have guiding principles, check to make sure those principles confirm to an America First Agenda. And if they have no principles – most likely – get people in positions of leadership who do.

These steps can apply to any level of party reform – the precinct, the district, the county, the state and eventually the national RNC. This very simple 6 step checklist should guide all those looking to redirect the GOP into an effective advocate for the restoration of America and end the “me-too” surrender mentality of the old guard.