Press Release: National Group Condemns DC Vaccine Mandate as “medical Apartheid”

(Fairfax, Virginia) – The Alliance for Free Citizens, a national grassroots organization dedicated to the restoration of constitutional principles, today condemned the announced imposition of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the District of Columbia beginning on January 15, 2022.

“Out of all the execrable abuses happening to American citizens in locked-down liberal cities, the DC vaccine requirement may be the worst,” said Joshua Pratt, Executive Director of the Alliance.

The Washington DC mandate ordered by Mayor Muriel Bowser will require proof of vaccination before a person can enter restaurants, bars, concert venues, sports stadiums, clubs, movie theaters, gyms, and several other venues of business and entertainment in Washington DC. It’s predicted over 800 city employees, including firemen, teachers, and paramedics, will be fired for declining the COVID-19 vaccine.

“How can millions of citizens feel represented on Capitol Hill when, if they travelled to the city to speak with their members of Congress in person, they’d be refused service at any local restaurant and most other establishments,” asked Pratt.

“We have come too far as a nation from Jim Crow and racial segregation. All Americans, whether they choose to be vaccinated or unvaccinated, should be unified in rejecting unconstitutional mayoral decrees whose purpose is to introduce medical Apartheid to the United States,” concluded Pratt.

To request and interview with Joshua Pratt or other Alliance spokesmen, please contact Executive Director Joshua Pratt at [email protected]