Press Release: National Alliance Demands Action to Stop Critical Race Indoctrination

(Fairfax, Virginia) – The Alliance for Free Citizens, a national grassroots organization dedicated to the restoration of constitutional principles, today called on the Indiana state legislature to immediately move to hold a hearing and enact HB 1040 to outlaw racist, leftist indoctrination in Indiana schools and provide for penalties to ensure the law is followed, and HB 1041 to protect girls’ sports by requiring that students participate on sports teams comprised of people of their birth-sex.

“The fact that the Indiana political leadership is trying to stall important protections for Indiana students and parents is very disheartening,” said Joshua Pratt, Executive Director of the Alliance. “The only reason to block these crucial pieces of legislation is to placate the radical teachers’ union. The Republican legislative leadership must not bow to people that seek to destroy all principles of rule of law.”

The bills cannot come to the floor of the House for a vote unless there is a formal hearing in Committee. By blocking a hearing, the leadership is denying a clean, up and down vote on the issues. In what is considered a classic “dodge,” the leadership is backing another bill, SB 167, that is much weaker and does not offer any penalties or protections.

“The bait and switch ruse is all too familiar to parents and others around the country trying to protect their children,” said Mark Lloyd, Alliance Director of Governmental Affairs. “The Indiana legislative leadership is trying to deceive the people of Indiana, making them think something is being done to stop Critical Race Theory when in fact all they are offering is window dressing. They need to stop this farce, hold hearings on HB 1040 and HB 1041, and enact them into law. Nothing else is acceptable to the parents and citizens of Indiana.”

The Senate alternative, SB 167, has been heard on January 4 and is being touted as the answer to serious dangers of transgenderism and Critical Race Theory.

“Once again, we see Republican leadership undercutting the clear, legitimate desires of the Republican and conservative base. And once again, we see the tactics of diversion, deception, and outright thuggish tactics used to block conservative legislation. This is not just an Indiana problem, this is a national problem where the so-called ‘leaders’ of the GOP work overtime to defend the interests of the Left. These practices must end, and they will when voters hold accountable Republicans In Name Only (RINO) who usurp the will of the people,” concluded Pratt.

To request an interview with Joshua Pratt, Mark Lloyd or other Alliance spokesmen, please contact Executive Director Joshua Pratt at [email protected]