Policy Areas

The following are policy areas where Alliance for Free Citizens works to advance individual liberty, and protect family, community, and our shared patriotic values.

Election Integrity:

Secure and Fair Elections (“SAFE”) Act

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship required to register to vote.

The Advance Ballot Confidence (“ABC”) Act

  • Reining in and securing absentee voting, including prohibiting acceptance of ballots after election day, imposing rigorous signature and witness requirements, restricting the duration of the absentee voting period, requiring justifications to receive an absentee ballot, and creating chain of custody rules.

Protecting Individual Liberty During a Pandemic:

The COVID Freedom Act

  • Reining in COVID crackdowns, including preventing mandatory vaccinations, preventing overly broad shutdowns of business, keeping houses of worship open, and keeping state capitols open so the public can attend and observe their legislative sessions.

Immigration Enforcement and Jobs Protection:

The State Immigration Total Enforcement (“SITE”) Act

  • Immigration omnibus bill, including multiple provisions that legislators may select: prohibiting sanctuary cities, taxing remittances by illegal aliens to their home countries, requiring police to check the immigration status of those they pull over on the road (e.g., AZ SB 1070), denying bail to illegal aliens arrested for crimes, denying public benefits to illegal aliens, and prohibiting businesses from deducting as business expenses wages paid to illegal aliens).

The Legal Workforce Act

  • Making E-Verify Mandatory (drafted to track the Supreme Court decision in Whiting v. Chamber of Commerce).


The Teaching Racial and Universal Equality (“TRUE”) Act

  • Prohibiting educational institutions and organizations that teach critical race theory from receiving state funds or state contracts.

Encouraging Marriage:

The Family Assistance and Incentives Reform (“FAIR”) Act

  • Incentives to get married and have children – and strengthen our wider society.

Model Legislation

The Advance Ballot Confidence ("ABC") Act

Secure and Fair Elections (“SAFE”) Act

The Citizens COVID Protection Act

The Protecting American Workers Act

Protecting Our Children from the Destruction of Critical Race Theory

Family Assistance and Incentives Reform (“FAIR”) Act

State Immigration Total Enforcement (“SITE”) Act

Protecting Girls' Sports