KRTV: ‘Critical Race Theory’ Met With Opposition at Bozeman School Board Meeting


It was the last school board meeting of the academic year in Bozeman – and it surely went out with a bang, going on for hours. The meeting was the first in-person in almost a year, and administrators heard from dozens of people who showed up to express their concern, mainly to talk about the district’s equity policy and critical race theory (CRT).

Twenty-three states have have either banned or proposed bans that teach the CRT curriculum, which claims racism and division are not just based on personal prejudices, but are ingrained in America’s social, legal, and political institutions (read more about CRT).

During Monday’s meeting in Bozeman, one person exclaimed during the public comment period: “This country isn’t even a racist country. We elected Obama for two terms. So anybody who has the thought that this is a racist country, that we have to get it right is a completely left associate, Marxist… I can’t even have words.”

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