Kris Kobach: We need to use the same playbook against Biden that we used against Obama, only better


“When Barack Obama came into office, there was a lot of anxiety among conservatives. We knew his agenda was radical (though it seems tame compared to the current administration’s) and with control of the House and Senate, he would have at least two years to commit as much progressive wanton destruction as possible. And we were right. He got Obamacare on the books, which has plagued us in multiple ways ever since.

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was there. He fought side-by-side with other conservatives to fight an empowered Democratic federal government the only ways available: Through states and through the judiciary. That’s the beauty of our constitutional republic. We have multiple layers of checks and balances to slow or even stop a runaway federal government.

On the latest episode of NOQ Report, I sat down with Kobach to discuss the Alliance for Free Citizens, a grassroots organization that is forming a resistance against the radical policies coming from Washington DC today. They are taking on the federal government in much the same way conservatives fought the Obama administration.”

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