June 16 Newsletter

Free Citizens,

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These past two weeks, two Americans have stood out for their exceptionally strong stances against the progressive indoctrination of critical race theory in our public schools.

Austin Knudsen, Attorney General of Montana, issued a binding opinion that ought to become the gold standard among Republican AGs. Finding that critical race theory is inherently discriminatory, Knudsen banned Montana schools and public employers from teaching it or anything else that “treats individuals differently on the basis of race or that creates a racially hostile environment.”

Our organization gave complete affirmation to these efforts in a special press release.

Furthermore, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has continued to demonstrate his ability to achieve conservative legislative goals more forcefully than any other executive in the country. In the span of two weeks, Governor DeSantis has protected the integrity of girls’ sports by banning biological boys from competing alongside them, and under his guidance the Florida Board of Education has banned critical race theory in public schools.

Conservative leaders like Knudsen and DeSantis are demonstrating that when conservatives flex their will to govern, victory is obtainable.

Other can’t miss news highlights include,

  • Long live Texas! Governor Greg Abbott has announced that the Longhorn State is bucking the Biden administration’s policy of open borders and will begin taking the initiative by constructing their own barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Arizona Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona has outed himself as a RINO–a “Republican” who ensures Democratic victories. By vetoing bills protecting election integrity and banning critical race theory, Ducey has earned the eternal enmity of President Trump and all patriots. Conservative voters should respond accordingly.
  • The always indefatigable Ann Coulter has called out phony Republicans in Congress for not fighting harder against Democratic “election reforms,” a code word for increased voter fraud!

Finally, mark your calendars! The Alliance for Free Citizens will be joining the American Legislative Exchange Council for their 48th annual meeting at the end of this month. Meet us in Salt Lake City, Utah from July 28-30 to connect and plan another year of conservative victories at the state and federal level. Together we will ensure that you continue to be free citizens under our republic.