Illegal Immigration

Our nation is facing an unprecedented surge of illegal aliens. Apprehensions at the border are at levels not seen in the past two decades. The onslaught has overwhelmed border law enforcement. But in the face of this unprecedented influx, the Federal government does nothing. In fact, they have aided and abetted the invasion. Indeed, the Biden Administration has ordered immigration officers to violate federal law in order to keep illegal aliens in the country.

The situation is crystal clear – the Federal Government is not coming to help states and communities suffering under the burden of the flood of illegal aliens. It is now up the states to defend its citizens. It is exactly how the Founding Fathers saw the situation – the states take the lead in defending their territory, exacting justice and preserving the rights citizens.

The Alliance for Free Citizens is advancing a two-part strategy to aid the states in this crucial effort.

1. Enforce State Law

In the counties across America, local law enforcement has the authority and obligation to enforce state law. This effort must be backed and enhanced by the state attorneys general to ensure proper procedure and due process. But a violation of state law can and should be addressed by local authorities. If the enforcement of state laws has the additional effect of discouraging illegal immigration, it will have a huge beneficial impact on public safety and the rule of law.

Wherever illegal aliens are found, there are almost always violations of state law that have occurred, in addition to the violations of federal immigration law. Local law enforcement will arrest and process the offender. By arresting under state law, they will have the ability to collect fingerprints and other biometric identifiers that can then be fed into the national offender database. This will enable other law enforcement agencies to better protect the public against these illegal alien criminals.

Establishing those procedures and building the trust between local and state law enforcement is essential to an effective effort. But it can be accomplished provided there is the political will at the top to achieve it.

2. Litigation

The Federal Government, under the leadership of the Biden Administration, has adopted policies that encourage illegal immigration. Many of those policies violate the terms of federal statutes. The Alliance for Free Citizens is fighting in court to represent county sheriffs and federal ICE officers who used to be permitted to cooperate in the enforcement of the law. If we prevail in that litigation, it could turn the tide in addressing the immigration crisis.

These are steps that innovative local officials can take aim to remove the incentives for illegal aliens to come to the United States and restore the process whereby illegal aliens can easily be removed. Local law enforcement officers and federal ICE officers want to be allowed to do their job and enforce the law once again. The Alliance for Free Citizens is fighting for them in court.

Sheriffs, Federal Police Foundation V. Joe Biden

The Alliance for Free Citizens files suit in federal court in Texas on behalf of Texas sheriffs and ICE officers against the Biden administration.