Fox: Rhode Island Teacher Goes Public with Critical Race Theory Curriculum: ‘I’m Refusing to Propogate Lies’


Rhode Island middle school teacher says critical race theory is finding its way into public school classrooms and creating racial hostility and mistrust among her students.

Ramona Bessinger has been a public school teacher for more than two decades. For the past seven years, she’s been a middle school teacher in Providence. She currently teaches at Esek Hopkins Middle School. Over the years, Bessinger says her lessons have been diverse, running the gamut from poems by Maya Angelou to speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr. She’s also taught units on slavery and the Harlem Renaissance, she said.

“I consider the American story one of triumph,” Bessinger told Fox News in an interview. “People overcome things … We are victorious. We are like the greatest nation on the planet. I feel very proud to be an American. And what is unique about this country is that we’re diverse and we have cultural diversity. Maybe it’s not perfect. It’s there. And previous books that we had in the classroom represented that.”

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