Fox: Loudoun, Virginia Teacher Has No Regrets About Resigning: I “Was a Cog” In a Critical Race Theory “Machine”


Now-former Loudoun County, Va., schoolteacher Laura Morris spoke exclusively to Fox News about her recent public resignation over woke curriculum and said she has no regrets and would do it all over again.

“I am very sad about some things that I am giving up and leaving behind, but regret is not the word … I don’t regret what I did,” Morris said in an interview with Fox News correspondent Anita Vogel. “I don’t regret anything I said and I don’t regret anything I did – because I … was happy to do this.”

Morris shocked attendees of a school board meeting Tuesday when she said she had had enough of the district’s curriculum, which she argued had been injected with a transgender and critical race theory-centric emphasis.

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