Fox: Loudoun Residents Ask Judge to Remove Controversial School Board Member Amid Battle Over Critical Race Theory


Loudoun County residents are asking a court to remove school board member Beth Barts, representing a significant escalation at one of the epicenters in the battle over critical race theory (CRT).

Filed in Loudoun’s circuit court in Virginia, Wednesday’s petition represents the culmination of a months-long effort by residents to recall seven board members who reportedly belonged to a secret, “anti-racist” Facebook group. That was one of a “litany” of charges the petition cited in calling for Barts’ removal.

Her various activities on social media and email have led residents to accuse Barts of violating multiple facets of state and local policies that govern members’ conduct. For example, the lawsuit alleges that Barts and other members effectively held illegal meetings by participating in exclusive Facebook groups and emails. Barts specifically has been accused of violating county policy by disrespecting fellow board members and showing a disregard for public concern on various issues.

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