Fox: Iowa Professor Explains How She Circumvents State Ban on Teaching CRT


“CRT, Equity Diversity Training, it goes by may names, and is gaining more names to disguise it’s appearance from parents who are awakening to the systemic Marxism in the academic industrial complex throughout our country. At the very core of this divisive ideology is a radicalized academia that births acolytes who to their very core believe it is right to proclaim ‘their truth’ no matter what. These disciples of division when met with opposition to prohibit indoctrination of children from harmful subject matter have dutifully rebelled against the law and the will of the people with vicarial. Petra Lang is an example of such an acolyte who has become an apostle. Lang has openly circumvented the law in Iowa, and has encouraged others to do likewise, she is the perfect example of why the American public education system, including publicly funded teacher colleges need a complete overhaul and accountability by we the people.”

-Joshua Pratt, Executive Director

An Iowa teacher detailed how she gets around her state’s ban on critical race theory by luring her students into asking questions regarding issues she said she is not allowed to teach.

Petra Lange, who said she is “a secondary educator at a predominantly white high school in a suburban district” while also being an adjunct professor at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, publicly explained how she manages to get around the ban, according to The Daily Mail.

Speaking during a recent online forum titled “UnBan Anti-Racism Education In Iowa,” Lange recounted how she would put the state law in front of her students and say, “We need to take a look at HF-802.”

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