Fox: Getting Critical Race Theory Out of Public Schools Is Harder Than Passing a Law


Banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory and its tenets in public schools may not be as easy as passing a law. Idaho was the first of nine states to pass an anti-CRT law, and so far this new school year, some parents don’t see any change.

“In any way that they can get it in there, they get it in there, by using words like equity, teaching about white supremacy,” said Kristen Young, a parent in the Nampa School District who formed a local chapter of Power to Parents.

Idaho’s law does not explicitly ban teachers from bringing up Critical Race Theory, privilege, systemic racism, or white supremacy. It just says students can’t be compelled to personally affirm some of the tenets of CRT. One clear example, the law makes it illegal for teachers to force students to do an exercise in which they have to identify their level of privilege based on their race, gender or religion.

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