Fox: Georgia Board of Education Asserts America is Not Racist, Will Limit Discussions About Race

The Georgia Board of Education is taking steps to prohibit schools from teaching that the U.S. is fundamentally racist and other controversial ideas associated with critical race theory (CRT).

By an 11-2 vote, the state adopted part of a resolution drafted by conservative think tank Ethics and Public Policy Center, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. It contains language restricting external, private influences from changing school teaching — an apparent attempt to exclude diversity consultancies or activist nonprofits from administrators’ decision-making.

The resolution also prevents teachers from being forced to teach that an individual’s worth or sense of shame should be dependent on their race or sex.

It reads, in part: “[C]oncepts that impute fault, blame, a tendency to oppress others, or the need to feel guilt or anguish to persons solely because of their race or sex violate the premises of individual rights, equal opportunity, and individual merit underpinning our constitutional republic, and therefore have no place in training for teachers, administrators, or other employees of the public educational system of the State of Georgia.”

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