Fox: Ariz. AG Mark Brnovich: HR4 Another Dem Election Power Grab


This week, radical Democrats in Congress will renew their assault on states’ sovereignty and abilities to set and conduct their own elections when they bring H.R. 4 up for a vote on the House floor.

While this is the second attempt in consecutive sessions that House Democrats will vote to pass H.R. 4, it is the first time with both chambers of Congress under the Left’s control. Only the legislative filibuster in the Senate is likely to stop it from passing, which means it could be just two Senate votes away from happening in the future. States’ abilities to conduct their own elections – as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution – hang in the balance.

The push to pass H.R. 4 follows closely on the House’s passage of H.R. 1 in early March, which might have been more appropriately named the For the Power Hungry Politicians Act. That legislation was the initial attempt to nationalize our elections. Thankfully, the bill continues to languish in the Senate.

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