Enforce State Law

In the counties across America, local law enforcement has the authority and obligation to enforce state law. This effort must be backed and enhanced by the state attorneys general to ensure proper procedure and due process. But a violation of state law can and should be addressed by local authorities. If the enforcement of state laws has the additional effect of discouraging illegal immigration, it will have a huge beneficial impact on public safety and the rule of law.

Wherever illegal aliens are found, there are almost always violations of state law that have occurred, in addition to the violations of federal immigration law. Local law enforcement will arrest and process the offender. By arresting under state law, they will have the ability to collect fingerprints and other biometric identifiers that can then be fed into the national offender database. This will enable other law enforcement agencies to better protect the public against these illegal alien criminals.

Establishing those procedures and building the trust between local and state law enforcement is essential to an effective effort. But it can be accomplished provided there is the political will at the top to achieve it.