Delaware Valley Journal: Proposal for Constitutional Amendment to Improve PA Election Integrity on Tap


Pennsylvanians could one day determine whether voters must show identification every time they cast a ballot. A bill from state Sen. Judy Ward to do that via a constitutional amendment has been approved by the Senate State Government Committee. It’s part of a broader effort by state Republicans to address concerns over ballot security.

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Voting Rights Protection Act (House Bill 1300) advanced from the House State Government Committee, a bill which would “enhance Voter ID,” according to the House GOP.

“Election integrity has been eroded and it needs to be restored,” said Ward (R-Blair/Cumberland/Franklin/ Fulton/Huntingdon).

The senator said she constantly hears from constituents who want to know why they need identification to buy alcohol, tobacco, cold medicines and even get a COVID vaccine — but not to vote.

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