Daily Wire: Parents Band Together, Force Resignation of School Superintendent Who Pushed For Teaching Critical Race Theory


“DEI, CRT, Defund the Police, and a radicalized education system are all wrong for America and the parents of Clarkstown Central School District, New City, NY have done something about it.

The Alliance for Free Citizens applauds the parents of Clarkstown who know best what is right for their children and have secured the resignation of the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Marty Cox for his propagation of anti-American Marxist ideologies to their children.

Standing alongside these brave parents are millions of other Americans who want what is right for their children and are willing to do something about it. We at the Alliance for Free Citizens stand with you too.”

– Joshua Pratt, Executive Director

A school superintendent abruptly resigned on Wednesday after parents became unhappy with many of his proposals, including mask mandates and bringing Critical Race Theory to the school.

News 12 in the Bronx reported that Dr. Martin Cox, superintendent at Clarkstown Central School resigned, citing “personal reasons.” The school board “very quickly voted 5 to 1 Tuesday night in support of his resignation without ever explaining to the community why he is leaving,” the outlet reported.

The outlet reported that Cox was allowed to resign instead of being fired, but repeatedly said it was unclear why he resigned. The outlet then proceeded to note numerous reasons why parents were unhappy with Cox’s leadership.

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