Daily Signal: Democrats’ Bad Faith Attacks on Election Integrity Are Failing in Court


A recent legal proceeding in Florida proves the cheap, theatrical partisanship driving nationwide Democratic attacks on election integrity. Priorities USA, a Democratic super PAC, sued the state of Florida, claiming it made voting-by-mail too difficult.

One of the plaintiffs, a Yale graduate student, was asked in a deposition to explain why returning his ballot was difficult. He explained it was a 30-minute walk to his nearest post office. He was then asked if he knew of Google and if he had used it to look for a closer mailbox. He stated that he had not used Google or done any other research to find closer mailboxes. The student was unaware of the USPS mailbox six blocks away from his apartment or that he could use the mailbox at his apartment complex.

This disastrous deposition could have been the reason the Democrats gave up on the case, walking away before the trial even began.

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