Carolina Journal: Republican Lawmakers Seek to Address Voter Concerns, Restore Trust


Election integrity is a top issue for North Carolina voters. In fact, according to polling on behalf of the John Locke Foundation from March of this year, the issue is only second in importance to ‘jobs and the economy,’ and election integrity eclipses other top issues such as education, healthcare, and immigration. What’s more, an alarming 60% of Republicans and a total of 40% of those surveyed in the poll are worried that 2022 elections will not be ‘free and fair.’

These concerns are resonating with Republicans in North Carolina, as concerned voters clamor for a level of transparency and accountability sufficient to restore confidence in a cornerstone of our electoral system.

While the convention kicked off for the North Carolina Republican Party this past weekend, anticipating a big appearance by former President Trump, by far the most forceful skeptic of 2020 election results, the N.C. GOP announced a new election integrity committee. The committee will be chaired by former state senator and attorney Buck Newton and will focus on “recruiting poll observers and election integrity volunteers, making statutory and administrative rule recommendations, and refining the N.C. Republican Party’s Election Integrity operational plan.”

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