Cape Gazette: Election Integrity Possible in Delaware


When the Delaware Food Bank made food available during COVID times, they state on their flyer that you must bring ID and proof of Delaware residency.  They are not trying to withhold food from people that need it; they are making sure that they are serving Delawareans and people that live in our state.

When people apply for Medicaid or state assistance, DHSS asks for proof of residency, proof of age and require a birth certificate or a driver’s license. It’s not because they want to deny people services; it is because they are securing the integrity and accountability to those they serve in Delaware.

I recently visited a county park and used the restroom provided.  I noticed that the toilet paper holder had a padlock on it.  At first I laughed, but then thought about it and realized this was done to keep people from stealing the toilet paper.  It wasn’t done to keep them from using the facilities. They were just being good stewards of the resources given them and provided by our tax dollars.

If these precautions are taken to secure the integrity of our agencies, then why are they not used to secure the integrity of our elections?

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