Breitbart: GOP Sen. Tuberville: No Taxpayer Money for Any School Teaching Critical Race Theory–‘We’ve Got to Snuff It Out’


The merits of so-called Critical Race Theory continue to dominate discussion about public education in America, especially as some believe there is an apparent political agenda involved in its teaching in schools. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) argues no taxpayer money should be given to any schools, from the university level to the grade school level that teaches Critical Race Theory.

During an appearance on Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5, the Alabama freshman U.S. Senator said it was being taught despite what some may say, and it needed to be eliminated from the curriculums.

“We’ve got to take it seriously for the fact that it is being taught,” he said. “I’ve brought it up that we’ve got to make sure we’re not giving any taxpayer money to anybody in any state, especially our state of Alabama, which I was looking after — no taxpayer money goes to any university, elementary school or K-12 that is going to teach this Critical Race Theory. I’ve talked to some people in politics in the state of Alabama on the state level that say, ‘Well, it’s not being taught.’ Yes, it is being taught. I’ve talked to teachers. I’ve talked to principals. I’ve talked to people all over the state. It is not being taught to the level that it is being taught in some of these other states, but it is being taught to our kids in the state of Alabama.”

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