AZCentral: Critical Race Theory Wasn’t the Only Reason We Pulled Our Daughter From Her School

Classrooms across America are reportedly becoming hyperpartisan and overpoliticized.

I cannot speak to how widespread this is, and what its long-term impact will be. But I can say that we have experienced it in the Peoria Unified School District.

There are no do-overs and we only get one shot with our kids’ education. That’s why we as concerned parents need to find out what’s being taught, and when the instruction becomes inappropriate, we owe it to our children to push back.

My family’s story is a good illustration why.

Our 13-year-old daughter was in the seventh grade at Sunset Heights Elementary when on one January afternoon in 2020, she brought home a photo that she had taken of the whiteboard.

Rather than being taught about the Civil Rights Movement, our daughter’s class was exposed to politically charged current events discussions about race, where much of the conversation echoed controversial critical race theory elements.

The Black Lives Matter movement was being lumped in with historical figures like Rosa Parks. That’s how we first became aware that there were some highly politicized and questionable lessons being taught.

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