August 31, 2021 Newsletter


Free Citizens,

The summer is ending with Joe Biden’s approval ratings tanking further than ever. The American people are waking up to the swindling that’s going on in Washington DC, and you can trust that the Alliance is leading the charge in state houses across the country.

This is in large part to our General Counsel Kris Kobach. As the former Secretary of State for Kansas, Kris has spent more than a decade battling federal overreach into state affairs and has become known nationally as one of the biggest defenders of election integrity and stamping out voter fraud.

You can catch Kris regularly hitting the airwaves to discuss the Alliance’s efforts to combat critical race theory, ensure free and fair elections, and numerous other issues we champion through our model legislation. Just this month he was featured on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

Elsewhere you’ll find other news you must be updated on:

  • North Carolina Lt. Governor and conservative superstar Mark Robinson has led a statewide task force that has found critical race theory rampant in North Carolina schools. The state senate has already voted to ban the discriminatory practice, and we’re hitting the ground hard to make sure it arrives at the governor’s desk.
  • Pennsylvania Senator Chris Dush has taken the lead in investigating irregularities in last year’s election in his state. The Alliance has an exclusive interview with Senator Dush from ALEC.
  • Breitbart reports that TEN Republican governors have requested the Biden administration resettle upwards of 100,000 Afghan refugees in their states. These politicians are selling out their party, their voters, and their country by drowning out conservative voices with future Democratic supporters. If you find yourself in any of these states, take action immediately at your local party meeting to condemn your RINO Governor.
  • There may not be a greater threat to your liberty as an American than a vaccine passport system. Helen Andrews in The American Conservative describes how it may be too late by the time you receive your next newsletter. You must challenge the Biden White House today, before you’re not even allowed to leave your home.

Joe Biden may have taken some flak but he and Kamala aren’t down for the count yet. You’ll hear from us in two weeks, free citizens, to learn more about the breaking news affecting your life.

-Alliance for Free Citizens