Arizona Independent: Arizona Deserves An All-Star Election Integrity Unit


Many Americans have lingering concerns about the 2020 election. This is particularly true in Arizona, where the results of a lengthy audit were published last Friday. While opinions are divided about the audit, it is undeniable that many Arizonans believe there was fraud in the election and, as a result, they have lost confidence in the democratic process. It is the responsibility of government officials to address these concerns and restore the People’s confidence in their elections.

The right to vote is guaranteed under the Constitution. However, as the Supreme Court stated in Storer v. Brown, “substantial regulation of elections” is necessary “if they are to be fair and honest and if some sort of order, rather than chaos, is to accompany the democratic process.”

Today, our democratic system is under attack from the Democrat’s large, well-funded team of election lawyers.  Their experienced legal teams flood the courts with lawsuits every election cycle. For example, they sent an army of seventy-seven lawyers to Arizona to stop the audit, and, during the 2020 election, tried to weaponize COVID-19 to remove virtually all voting restrictions.

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