American Spectator: The CRT Supply Chain Hums Along

The 13 months that separate Trump’s anti-CRT executive order from Terry McAuliffe’s defeat in the recent Virginia gubernatorial race saw the harvesting of political fruit produced by an amazingly accelerated educational process. Across the steep political divide, a nation came to so despise the previously obscure little package of academic nomenclature — critical race theory — that Blue Virginians found it necessary to punish the politician who lied about it.

Just five months earlier, the woke emcee of the conservative Southern Baptist Convention, James Merritt, who was lagging behind the learning of most Americans, insulted more up-to-speed Baptist messengers who called for the rejection of CRT at their national convention: “If some people were as passionate about the gospel as they are about [opposing] critical race theory, we’d win this world to Christ tomorrow.” Black best-selling author and Southern Baptist messenger Carol Swain was thwarted by Woke Baptist platform controllers when she tried to say what voters in Virginia said to McAuliffe, a message the title of her hot-of-the-press book captures — Black Eye For America: How Critical Race Theory Is Burning Down the House.

Similar treatment befell fellow best-selling black author Voddie Baucham, who’d been a star within the now fragmenting Evangelical Industrial Complex that included the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church of America, Desiring God Ministries, and Tim Keller’s Gospel Coalition. Blowback from his rejection of the false “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” racist reading of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, made Baucham a persona non grata among the white men who gate-keep for the virtue-signaling racial reconciliation agenda of the Evangelical Industrial Complex.

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